Jan 16, 2017

How to service and maintain your 3d printer

Thomas shows us a guide on how to service and maintain your 3d printer.

Jan 15, 2017

RooBee One Open Source DLP SLA 3D Printer

Aldric Negrier developed this DLP projector based open sourced 3d printer. It looks easy to assemble and cheap to make. It all depends on how cheap can you find a suitable projector. 

Project description:
Roobee One is an SLA DLP 3D printer inspired on the Cristelia - SLA/LCD 3d printer and the Vulcanus MAX 3D printer.
It is built out of 20x20 mm aluminum profile chassis, It has an adustable print area of 80x60x200 mm up to 150x105x200mm build volume using a ACER DLP projector.
The open-source machine is called RooBee One because it is red color just like a Ruby gem.

RooBee One presentation video:

Detailed build guide can be found at:


Thingiverse page:


Cristella 3d printer (open source, daylight):


Jan 14, 2017

3D Printed Car Navigation based on Raspberry Pi

Greg Holloway made a car navigation system based on Raspberry Pi and 7 inch screen that is held by 3d printed dashboard structure. It was printed on E3D BigBox machine with the help of SpoolWorks scaffold soluble support material.
The car is Suzuki Jimny. Software used is open source Navit.

Detailed step-by-step construction guide can be found at:


Thingiverse page for the files:


Jan 13, 2017

Reiner Schmidt shows his 3d printed 6 axis DIY robotic arm

Reiner Schmidt shows his 3d printed six axis DIY robot arm. It is based on heavily modified open source Moveo by BCN3D mixed with THOR and powered by Raspberry Pi 3.

Jan 12, 2017

How to convert your 3d printer into a CNC mill

Thomas shows us how he converted his MendelMax 3 into a desktop CNC mill. It can even mill aluminum.

Here is a link to ESTLCam software Thomas mentioned in the video:


Project page:


Why Millebot?

Millebot is a large 3d printer that lives inside a shipping container. The idea behind it looks interesting...

... BUT

Why use this strange paste / foam for 3d print? and then mill it afterwards?

Building retainer walls for anything? Are you serious?

The operation will need a LOT of electrical power, material and overall complex logistic support.

Nice try, but I think it still needs a use case and overall technology improvements.

Millebot homepage:




Off topic: Some hypnotic CNC lathe machining

Jan 11, 2017

Low Cost DIY SLS 3D Printer by Vulcaman

Vulcaman, well known for his previous machines, has released his latest sintering 3d printer you can make for some 500 Euro: the JRLS 1000.
It is still far from commercial machines, but this field is progressing forward and that is the most important thing. Vulcaman is only 18 years old, so we can hope much more from him in the future.
Key features:
  • 5x5x5cm build volume
  • 1.8w 445nm laser
  • 80w 12V heated-bed
  • 150w 230V powder heater with IR-Sensor
  • coater which compresses the powder
  • adjustable Feed control
  • overflow container
  • closed build chamber
  • low cost
Most prints are currently done in instant tea powder which is 95% sugar, but the powder is used because of its red color which will absorb the 450nm laser well. White sugar will not work, because it will just reflect the laser. The laser is focused to 0.2mm. The power of the laser is set to 1W.

Here is the machine printing:

Detailed build guide and all the files:


3D Printable Astrophotography with RasPi Zero

If you are interested in astrophotography and you want to make a low cost DIY setup here is a great project. Greg Holloway developed a Raspberry Pi Zero based wireless camera for a 1.25" telescope eyepiece receptacle with 3d printed casing. It is battery powered so you can take it in the wilderness to observe the stars.

Full project description, all the files and software can be found at:



He also developed a 3d printable solar filter case: